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The Sushi Place.

Our Delicious Story

Samsi Japanese Restaurant, located in vibrant Manchester, close to Manchester Piccadilly and Oxford Road Train Station. A short walk from Manchester Chinatown, The Palace Theatre and The Clayton Hotel.

Samsi has been serving authentic Japanese cuisine since 1993, making it a landmark in the city’s culinary scene.

The heart of Samsi lies in its harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary, evidenced in both the tastefully minimalist decor and the sophisticated menu. Featuring an extensive selection from fresh sushi and sashimi to hearty ramen and kushiyaki grills, we use only the finest ingredients imported directly from Japan. Each dish, meticulously crafted by our experienced chefs, narrates a story of Japan’s rich culinary heritage.

Complement your meal with our fine assortment of Japanese beers, sake, or a matcha latte. Whether you are a lover of Japanese food or embarking on your first culinary exploration of Japan, Samsi offers an immersive dining experience with its combination of traditional flavours, modern sensibilities, and renowned hospitality.

sushi platter in Japanese bowl
Oyakodon in a black Japanese bowl with chopsticks and miso soup
Salmon fillet with teriyaki glaze and coriander garnish
traditional Japanese food in a black and red bento box
Traditional ramen in a Japanese bowl with wooden ladle
A selection of luxury sushi

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Adam Elden
Adam Elden
Beautiful food great service 👌 will be going again a little bit pricey tho
David Hartley
David Hartley
Great restaurant
Emma Benson
Emma Benson
Very good food and reasonable price for the quality, nice ambiance and decor, very good service without being on top of you, very responsible and well informed about food allergies (I myself am allergic to peanuts and have to be careful with a lot of Asian cuisine), would definitely recommend!
Alejandro Fernandez
Alejandro Fernandez
Not as good as I thought.
Starboy Hxn
Starboy Hxn
Today I'm wondering about eating bento 🍱 at lunch time. I just searching on Google map and occasionally find this Japanese restaurant. They have both menu for bento 🍱 and ramen 🍜. But they showed me a special menu only for bento. There are two sections of bento menu which first part is 13£ you can choose three flavors and the second part is around 16£ you have more choices meaning you can select. I ordered the chicken katsu curry one. The difference is, there's sushi 🍣 first as a starter which I haven't expected for. The taste with wasabi and soy sauce is authentic and high quality. The second starter is the Miso soup. I also can't wait to drink something so I ordered pineapple 🍍 juice. Finally the bento 🍱 box coming. A piece of Aubergine, green pepper mushroom is fried on the side. The traditional Japanese curry made from carrots and potatoes and fried katsu chicken. There's also two pieces of cucumber 🥒 on side to fresh your taste. When you finally finished, you definitely have a feeling like being in Japan in real. The total experience is splendid and fantastic.
Raymond Diaz
Raymond Diaz
Great place, best in town.